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Mind. Body. Spirit

I promise to hold a gentle space for you while guiding and empowering you to become more informed, involved, and capable of maintaining your personal health and wellness.

Why should we want to raise our energy and vibrations anyway?

Everything you need for a complete wellness experience, all in the one place.

Start your journey right now, to a better you. 

Hormone solutions, laboratory testing and so much more. 




Submerse yourself in this gentle, yet powerful healing modality that restores and rebalances.


Are you ready to lose weight, gain health, feel and look better and enjoy a NEW YOU for 2022!?


Discover your personalized path to health and vitality!

Michele Walker

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

My approach is to gently empower you to tune into your body’s wisdom of balance and wholeness while providing you with holistic and practical guidance to achieve and maintain wellness. By focusing on mind, body, and spirit connection and alignment, you may once again (or maybe for the first time..) enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.


I believe the human body holds an inspiring and profound ability to heal and convalesce when nurtured with the proper encouragement and support. It’s important to trust and understand that you can indeed improve your state of health, repair, and recover from dis-ease and that often it’s the small changes that add up to big shifts in your overall wellness and quality of life.

Story Of Success

“Michele’s Crystal Reiki sessions instantly became part of my self-care routine. The gentle and intuitive way she uses the crystal’s energy to restore and rebalance my body is nothing short of inspiring. She creates a calming and serene environment that helps your body to relax into the session and feel the crystal’s energy at work with my own. I feel swept away every time and more importantly, when I leave I carry that wonderful restorative energy along with me throughout the days to come. As a Reiki Master myself – I can honestly say that she is remarkably skilled, and she is who I trust wholeheartedly to help keep my energy fluid and balanced.”

Carly Britton – (RMT, Reiki Master)

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