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I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach & Intuitive Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, dedicated to helping people improve their health, thrive in wellness, and achieve balance through holistic nutrition and energy healing (see below for Certifications and trainings).

My approach is to gently empower you to tune into your body’s wisdom of balance and wholeness while providing you with holistic and practical guidance to achieve and maintain wellness. By focusing on mind, body, and spirit connection and alignment, you may once again (or maybe for the first time..) enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

I believe the human body holds an inspiring and profound ability to heal and convalesce when nurtured with the proper encouragement and support. It’s important to trust and understand that you can indeed improve your state of health, repair, and recover from dis-ease and that often it’s the small changes that add up to big shifts in your overall wellness and quality of life.

I understand first-hand the challenges of poor health, chronic lack of wellness, and stress-related illness and I also know how it is possible to not only recover but to once again live joyfully and thrive (not just survive)! 

Following a serious car accident in 2009 and years of chronic stress, I developed health concerns such as Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease, gut dysfunction, low iron, intestinal bacterial infections, continual physical pain, and my body was in constant fight or flight mode. It was a very scary time!

I began working with nutrition, natural health, and energy medicine practitioners and was inspired to follow my lifelong dreams and passions in those areas.

Throughout my life, I have always studied and been interested in nutrition, health, and energy. I thought those topics were just hobbies and interests for me.

But looking back, I know I was being guided and those times of struggle and stress were showing me the path to my own healing and to help others in their health and wellness journey. 

The core of my practice and passion for helping others began with a solid foundation of 23 years of service in the medical laboratory diagnostic field in both patient and customer care and management along with other health, wellness, and relationship-focused roles throughout my career. 

I resigned from the medical field to pursue further education in holistic health and wellness. First in Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching (C.N.H.C) followed by Certifications in Reiki, Level 3, Crystal Therapy, Animal Reiki Energy Healing, and Body Intuitive Practitioner training to bring my vision of a multi-service wellness business to fruition. 

It has always been a lifelong passion of mine to help others! 

I will hold a gentle space for you while guiding and empowering you to become more informed about your health options, more involved in decisions made about your body, and help you feel more capable of maintaining your health and wellness. 

Let’s chat about your current health status, and your goals and get you started on the road to wellness! 

Health is Wealth!

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach (C.N.H.C)
  • Certified Metabolic Balance® Canada Coach
  • Certified BodyIntuitive Practitioner
  • Reiki Master Level III
  • Certified Animal Healing & Reiki Practitioner
  • Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner (Advanced Techniques training)
  • Certified Colon Hydrotherapy & Certified Digestive Care Advisor
The Metabolic Balance® custom nutrition plan is the single most effective (and easy to follow) nutrition plan I’ve ever done to improve my own health and wellness! 
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Spending time in nature with loved ones is vital to mind, body & spirit rejuvenation. This is part of my self-care routine. Tell me about your go-to self-care routine?

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